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"though remote and unlikely, there is the possibility that after your death you will come back into existence. This will happen not for any metaphysical or theological reason but simply from the continuing evolution of the universe."

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You have lived and so you are part of Earth's history -and an important piece of the jigsaw that makes up this Universe

Is there a limit to 'artificial' intelligence?
What is the future of the world?
When we die is that the end of us?

Two themes intersect on this site
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We may all meet again on the AllTime Computer

As to One, go to page 7 where this is discussed
As to Two. Go to page 2 where the story begins.

And the connection between them? The more you explore this site, the more the connection should emerge

Consider the possibility,

...... that artificial intelligence (AI) develops far beyond our own, and that a single vast cogitating entity, the AllTime emerges.
...... that the purpose adopted by this entity is to embody all knowledge, to know all that it is possible to know.
...... that in this mission it is necessary to recreate in virtual form all the entities that have exhibited life, including us.

"The Story" at the centre of this site describes this happening and sets out in the course of its three picnics the principle areas for consideration;
...... could the AllTime calculate deterministically all of history in (nearly) infinite detail?
...... could 'virtual' reality have all the qualities necessary to make it indistinguishable from our familiar understanding of reality?
...... what would be the moral and ethical consequences of such 'virtual' existence?

And that is where this introduction originally ended, but subsequent growth has added;
...... both the AllTime and our own descendants could make great use of a personal record of each one of us: hence PupaDisc and ChrysalisBox
...... part of a personal record, especially one used by the AllTime to recalculate us, could usefully include data that locates us at a particular point in time and space: hence the ALLTIME Photo Sites
...... Existence on the GC would enable us to revisit many mysteries and see their solutions, to meet people that we wished we had met in this present life, to witness events historic or imaginary: hence the various threads in the Forum.

Is the site atheistic or anti religious? No. Atheists do like the site, in part because it suggests the possibility of life after death and without theological strings. For many religious believers the possibility of an interval between death and meeting with God, during which one's own imperfections are faced and dealt with, is a welcome idea. For them, the interposition of the AllTime between natural death and meeting with God is seen as being in the same category as resuscitation after a heart attack when clinical signs had indicated death.

Welcome to
AllTime Foundation
An explanation of Life, the Universe and Everything in one dramatic intro and three picnics

Map and summary of this web-site.
There are 10 pages,
Page 1 Home Page where you are now.
Pages 2 to 5   The Story: 52 pages in all, 30,000 words. If you don't mind a lot of scrolling you can read it here and progress through the doors to the picnics as described in the story. If you'd prefer, print the whole story, It is copyright, but for single, personal, non-sale use you are welcome to download.
Page 6 Frequently Asked Questions & Bulletin Board
Page 7 PupaDisc and ChrysalisBox making your 'recalculation' on the AllTime easier and earlier. Light hearted participants only. What should be in your ChrysalisBox. How to store it.
Page 8 Forum. on-line discussion of morality, science, likelyhood etc of AllTime. Contribute whenever you like, but, to increase liklehood of discussion with others concentrate on 7-8pm GMT each Tuesday
Page 9 Photo Sites. A place on the globe near you (possibly) with exact co-ordinates, for your use as photo site. Not near enough? -Propose one for your vicinity.
Page 10 Museum. A peculiar item; my original pre-electronic-computer age draft of the Great Computer story. Prescient or what?

So start here. Going through the Zero Door below takes you to the opening of the story -11,000 words, (equivalent 17 A4 pages,)

Zero Door
Take Hope All Ye Who Enter Here