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Q1.  Just who are you!!
Why no names? Pathalogical shyness is a real put-off and has no place on the www

A1. Problem; How do we get AllTimeFoundation and the Alltime known, discussed, developed, without some well meaning simple people turning it into a cult? The no-names policy is an aid. It's difficult to have a leaderless cult. Also, see Q30.

Q2. In the photos you, Number1, always have your back to us or hood obscuring your face. Why? Ashamed?

A2. See A1 above.

Q3 In the Story, Pilgrim goes through the most horrible of deaths. Why? What is the point? The story would make the same sense if he'd died of an unexpected heart attack, or even in his sleep. I could hardly bear to read it and it stops me directing ill people towards an otherwise hopeful and wonderful site on the Web. Please change it so that it is more acceptable to so many people.

A3. What you read now is the mild version! Originally he saw all his family and friends wiped out in brutal and sensless act before proceeding to his own wretched death. To be relevant to everyone he has to start from the lowest conceivable point. He has to emerge into the story from a background which none envy; from which all must say 'well, my situation may be bad, but his....'

Q4 You specify Greenwich, London and Westmere, Auckland for position fixing. Fine for brits and colonials (and I, personally, am happy to use them. I travel a lot and these points intrigue me.) but what about Yanks, Africans, Asians, Antarctic penguins?

A4. Yes, many have raised this question. The point is that two places should be chosen that are very far apart, beyond that -it doesn't matter so long as the co-ordinates are precisely determined.. We're setting up a new page where inhabitants of various territories can nominate landmark locations for this use. Go have a look page 9

Q5. Why a 'Story' Why not just state the theory. We loved reading it. Moriarty is a hoot and the Wailing Wall gag made us fall about, but we'd still just like to see it set out as a straight forward logical description of what is definitely a wonderful possibility. Some may feel you are hiding behind the story technique.

A11. Know what you mean. The Story form is the most immediately accessible and readable route into the idea. Also, it's the way I enjoyed writing it, and it linked nicely with its origin (see Museum) There is nothing I could put in a treatise analysing the hypothesis that is not already in the story somewhere. But both can be done and I will add a dryer and more academic account when time permits. In the meantime, have you visited ? My friend there describes a similar, though not same, explanation of 'life, the Universe and everything' as a logical treatise.

Q21 Your westmere beach photo, why so rainy and dreary? Surely the sun shines there sometimes?

A It will have to do until someone provides a sunnier snap.

Q22. How long time your page on I like it?

A. AllTimeFoundation was launched on an unsuspecting world on Jan 1st 2001, real millenium day. It was then hosted by Freeola. How long you will like it I don't know.

Q28. On the old Freeola site the doors were red, now on QWK they are green!!???!?!! A new red shift theory?

A. Darn! You noticed!

Q30. What you describe is a man-made god but "Thou shalt have no God but me Jehova." You are a heretic and spread heresy. You will be punished both in this world and the next. God is not mocked nor His name taken in vain.

A30 This represents a number of email comments, and is one of the milder ones. AllTime is neither religious nor irreligious. Whilst religions are (more or less) satisfying only to their members, the AllTime should satisfy all. The procession of events described in AllTime may, after all, be part of Gods plan to allow us to prepare ourselves to meet Him

Q42. Please don't call us (to be) the AllTime. There must be a better name. What about simply "Great Computer"?

A. I quite like 'AllTime', but I appreciate some don't. Problem with 'Great Computer' is there are various devices already termed Great Computer, and will doubtless be many more. Also, although 'computer' provides a simple cognative stepping stone from here to near eternity, I think we would agree that the AllTime is, ultimately, more than a computer, even a Great one? Suggestions?

Q44. So, Pilgrim wakes up, finds human kind has been exterminated and our planet eaten, whimpers a bit, then settles down happily sucking the tit of his new master. What a cop-out! Didn't the human race struggle/fight back? Didn't heroes arise and triumph over the machine? Don't you know how to write science fiction?

A Guilty.

Q46 Your FAQs page is a mess. Two complaints. First, I go back to check something interesting I've read, or to show a friend, and find its gone. Second, I have to wade through things that dont interest me to find occassional references to things that do. Why don't you divide the questions into sympathetic groups like: I think two big main sections each with subdivisions would work best. We need discussion about the Story itself and the issues it raises. And then we need discussion outside the Story, like PupaDisc and Chrysalisboxes, international photo sites, storage etc. So:
The Story
a) Science. b) History. c) Religious aspects. d) Morality. e) logic f) likelihood
Outside The Story
a) ChrysalisBox b) PupaDisc. c) Certificates d) storage e) photo sites f) meetings.

A I take your point(s) Its just a matter of finding time. Its taking far too much time already just to read incoming emails, answer as many as poss, and post new points on this page Really need a FAQs editor. Any volunteers? At our new site at QWK we hope to have a (self managing) Forum. If so we'll organise it along the lines you have suggested

Q48.  I really love AllTime–Hope at Last!! My uncle is terminally ill. I want to direct him to the site, help with his ChrysalisBox (what a beautiful idea! Unearthly!!) and give him his very own numbered certificate -it would make him laugh. But I cant. I couldn't ask him to read the very very frightful opening pages of Pilgrims death. Its very like what will probably happen to him. Why did you write it like that?! It makes the whole thing ghastly. You have to wallow in that, trying not to be sick, till you get to the good bit, the bit that offers light at the end of the tunnel. Please try again, and be merciful.

A. Why? See Q 3. A lot of old and a lot of very ill people find the AllTime site a place of distraction from their present circumstances and a place of hope, and I take great pleasure in that. Though, certainly, it can be a difficult read. I can only repeat (Q3) I want Pilgrim to emerge from as profound an absence of hope as possible. The absolute desire to be dead, which he evinces in the opening paras is surely that.

Q55. You are running this site as a spare time thing, a hobby. But to many of us it's a bit more than that. We find it really interesting and worth putting some time into. Its really frustrating waiting days/weeks for replies to emails. You cant be phoned and theres no address to write to. The site is a ramshackle maze with important bits here one week and gone the next

A. The site is far more important to many people than I anticipated or ever realised was possible. But I have other commitments and can only give this a limited amount of time. I'd welcome help from individuals and would consider proposals for a volunteer editing or development committee.

Q62 That ethereal Green Door of Destiny, Portal to the Universe, -other dimensions, -fate; Seems it sometimes gets letters, as there is a letter box. And it needs locking sometimes, as there are two keyholes. And seems it is one of at least 53 such doors as it is numbered "53". Whats going on?

A. Yeeaaahh......, almost as if some lazy git just stuck his camera at the nearest available door. It is a mysterious Universe, isn't it?

Q71 Erm-hi. How to put this? Well, whatever mode I choose you're going to say "Ooh-ooh, cooky alert" So I'll just say it straight out. My name is Lorrie X. We haven't met but John Lennon (Yes, THE JL) is with me often and told me you would appear on the Internet. He told me "Internet" He told me "AllTime" ! Would I have guessed AllTime for myself???!!! At first we communicated via a Ouija board (groan) then auto-writing and now he just speaks through me in dialogue. This is how he teased me yesterday. He played and sang his song while I was reading your Story and crying and crying and kept nodding, winking, interrupting himself and me and saying "and this is it, and this is it" like it was a clue or something. And what was his song? "There Will be an Answer" !!!!!! That was the song!! Your beautiful lovely Story is the Answer He said would be.

A. Lorrie thank you for your email, a small part of which (and there have been several subsequent) is reproduced here. I feel sure you are a sincere and convinced person but your experience may need some more pondering. If the AllTime Story is indeed correct, then it would also be true that the late great John Lennon must remain incommunicado until resurrected/recalculated in the distant future as part of the AllTime

Q72 In the Story (great!) you mention (very) briefly the part that quantum effects just may play in giving rise to either free will or the equally satisfying very strong illusion of free will. So far, so shaky. But, have you considered this? Any being recreated on the AllTime would now be essentially a string of numbers, trickling through the huge chip? Although the machine as a whole may be quantum subject, the individuals are simply a never-wrong set of arithmentical calculations that could not possibly exhibit free will.

A. But we also maintain that random events, such as quantum jumps could never be the basis of sensible free will in the first place

Q73. AllTimeFoundation is entirely web-based. We cant write or phone or call on you, nor can we easily contact each other. The huge majority of people are not on the web. What are you doing about this.

A. we thought the web would be adequate. The degree of interest has been a surprise, not to say shock. There should certainly be a more corporeal existance for us. Several have proposed meetings and conventions etc. We have in fact, in February of this year had a very pleasant dinner of the, then, few interested members. Things are moving on this front. Keep telling us, so that we know what the demand is, and watch out for further announcements.

Q. At my sisters funeral I wished that we could have used an AllTime Service in saying our farewells. Though absolutely skeptic, she was enormously pleased with the idea of the AllTime and discussed its various aspects a lot. The Humanist Service has a lot to recommend it but there should be an AllTime version for such occasions. Have you thought about it? Why not ask members what they think and maybe start collecting ideas around this topic?

A. Sounds a good idea to me. Over to you. Send in suggestions and I'll get someone to put them together on a separate page for further comment.

Q Number1 You are yourself part of your 'Story' You have to write what is written for you in your stars. That makes you a prophet whether you are aware of it or not and whether you acknowledge it or not. So now it is very important that you say only what you mean to say, and also make sure that it is all properly set down and recorded. All that material will have to be carefully examined for meanings and truths of which even you may be unaware. I would be willing to make that my purpose but I would need to be one of a team

A. No no no no no. AllTime is for amusement only. If it becomes a cult with Believers we shall have failed. And by the way, supposing I am destined to write what I write and say what I say… Well one of the things I say and write most often and most passionately is that we must avoid being a pseudo religion.. AllTime may come to pass as described in the Story. Be content with that. It is a possibility and, at a stretch, you could still be sane as you call it a probability. When you have certainty you have to go back to the beginning and start again, for you have lost it.

Q. Well Freddy has died now. My darling husband is gone and the worst year of my life is over. But we had due warning and we made the most of it, getting to know each other more than ever before. Neither of us could entertain any religious beliefs so at first we faced this time alone, and then Freddy discovered AllTime. Our Chrysalis box is complete and will be stored with you as soon as you let me know the arrangements, though I know you are troubled at the idea of registering it under both our names. I am sure that will be resolved. The box is small and you would probably never believe how much work has gone into assembling its magic contents. We worked so hard partly because it kept our minds off other impending matters, but also because it was our legacy. He is gone and although I am well for the moment, there is no doubt that I will soon follow him. But we have left this account of ourselves behind. We are neither of us Believers in the AllTime, and I know you will heave a sigh of relief at that. No, not Believers, but allowing ourselves pleasure at the though that perhaps, just perhaps, your Story describes how we may meet again. But the Box is worth it even if computers fizzle out along with us, for we have agreed that its contents may be seen after a century has passed and, all being well, a researcher from freddy's university will visit the Archive for that purpose away in that future. But if the AllTime does "eventuate", as you put it, then you, my dear Number1, will find yourself in receipt of such a hug and of the attentions of two such good and grateful friends as will probably embarrass you no end. Till then, Marie

A. A wonderful letter. Just exactly what the Story and the AllTime are meant to achieve. Thank you Marie.

We will we will we will sort out this FAQs page when we have time. This is a solemn promise sort of.