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Visited Planet Earth? Don't forget to sign the visitor's book!

You have lived and so you are part of Earth's history -and an important piece of the jigsaw that makes up this Universe

'Signing the Visitors Book' means leaving an account of yourself

Below is a description of ChrysalisBox and PupaDisc from the AllTimeFoundation perspective but first consider that they are worth preparing anyway.
Think of any one of your ancestors. How interested would you be in looking through their ChrysalisBox or PupaDisc. When Shakespere was writing Love's Labours Lost you had an n-grandmother somewhere in the world -Stratford on Avon? or the Yukatan Peninsular or Kyoto? Imagine her describing her life -her thoughts and beliefs. She might easily have thought of her life as hum-drum, routine, not worth noting, but you know better don't you? The same applies to you. Your 'ordinary' life will be fascinating to the generations that follow you.

And there is another reason for producing your own ChrysalisBox and PupaDisc. There is a world wide effort ongoing to understand ourselves. Data is key and your ChrysalisBox and PupaDisc, even if only available for research 100 years after you death, will be invaluable in this endeavour. History and Sociology and Medicine may all make good use of your contribution to our knowledge of what is and what was.
But as to the AllTime...
So, now that you know what the future holds (possibly) is there anything to be done whilst waiting?

First. Note. You don't need to do anything. You will die in due course. Computers will become self aware, huge and immensely intelligent They will swallow our galaxy and coalesce into one entity. It will recreate you mathematically because your story is part of the whole universe that it must encompass.

Looking very far ahead, perhaps you could act now to minimise the amount of negativity in your personal sum total……..?

For now, if you are really at a loose end and want to do something, none of the following will do any harm:

ChrysalisBox and

The AllTime recalculates you (and everyone and everything else) from deterministic principles. This process is inevitable and will happen whether you help or not. However, of necessity the early stages of the calculation include many estimates. In your own case you can reduce this dependency on estimates by providing data. Your reward perhaps is to be among the first to be recalculated. You will be helping the AllTime recalculate you by making your bit of the jigsaw clearer. You provide AllTime with a file of your Personal Essential Data (PED)

Your PED can take either (or both) of two forms
1. Hard copy, the
2. Electronically, the

Make up these files however you like and store safely.

Your ChrysalisBox measures 26 x 37 x 8cms max, a standard size available at any office suppliers.

A complete contents set will score you 2150 points, made up as indicated. The set should contain;
  1. A sample of your DNA. This can be some hair (but including the hair root!), a mouth swab or a tooth. It must be in an air-tight container. 500 points
  2. A photo of yourself taken at an exact location and time 200 points
  3. A second photo of yourself taken at another exact location and time 200 points
    • Earn a further 50 points by ensuring that the second photo is taken more than one week in time and more than 1000 miles in distance from the first.
    • Earn a further 50 points by ensuring that the two photo locations are Greenwich, England and Westmere Beach, New Zealand as described in the story
  4. Your printed autobiography of about 2000 words (more if you like. Maximum 100000 words) 200 points
  5. An audio recording of you reading the autobiography 200 points
  6. A picture recording of you reading your autobiography 250 points
  7. Your family tree giving names, dates of birth and death back to and including your great grand parents. (need not include your descendants, though include if you wish) 200 points
  8. A photo of your parents 100 points
  9. A photo of your grandparents 100 points (50 per pair)
  10. Some small personal possession. This should have been owned and used and appreciated by you for a considerable period, for example a year. It should be of negligible or no commercial value to anyone else. You must be willing to part with it forever. Examples might be; a button from a long used but now discarded coat; a pair of spectacles no longer needed; a favourite but now broken fountain pen, mobile phone, whatever -you decide but remember, small and valueless 100 points
Your PupaDisc contains as much of the data in a ChrysalisBox that it is possible to get on a CD or DVD disc or any other similar storage device that technology may produce in the future. A DNA sample obviously cant be included but any data you happen to have about your genetic make up should be included. The small valueless object might be photographed or hologrammed for inclusion. Use your own imagination and judgement.