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so perhaps you are gathering data for your ChysalisBox or PupaDisc and are thinking about the photos, 600 points max. possible. But by giving up only 50 points you can choose among many sites that are more convenient & etc. (New Zealand is a long long way away. This applies to all except New Zealanders)

Remember this from FAQs?

"Q4 You specify Greenwich, London and Westmere, Auckland for position fixing. Fine for brits and colonials but what about Yanks, Africans, Asians, Antarctic penguins?" Since then we've had many alternate suggestions.

Any emails we get that suggest new sites for identity-position pinpointing will be put on the grid below. The idea of Official Places does make some kind of sense, -meeting other ATFoundationers, and being provided with exact co-ordinates for example. But remember, anywhere will do if it can be identified exactly.

Note. We are a long way behind with filling this in. If you have suggested a place to us it will be in our in-tray awaiting time for data inputting. Please don't send again!!!

New Note. We now have dozens of proposed sites. A new chart alphabetically by country and then by state/district/city is in preparation. Only proposals with exact and well researched co-ordinates from now please
X= we don't think it a good idea
Tick= could be
2 ticks=seems likely. Use it for time being
3ticks.Agreed. Decided. Go for it

  Region Suggested photo spot Coordinates Number supporting (Rt side, opposing)   Our comments Your comments (please assume that "corny" "predictable" is already in each box)
10 Paris France Dead centre under Eifel Tower   4   Why not top? Old/disabled can't reach top
2 Paris, France Top step, Notre Dame Cathedral   1    1     Cant we do without religious sites? Lets leave chrches out of this.
3 New York, USA NW corner, Empire States observation platform.   7    2     This could be for whole USA. Everyone goes sooner or later Easy for others/foreigners to find. Worth it for the view/history
4 W Australia Perth Cricket Club. Middle of pitch   10    44+   The 10 (1 email) say permissions no worry At last. Something interesting on a cricket pitch!
5 India Taj Mahal, Delhi, under great dome   1     The most beautiful, most serene place on earth
6 SE England, UK Top of The Monument. London 0.04.20W
1   If you're in London, might as well go Greenwich  
7 SE England, UK London Eye, highest point   1   If you're in London, might as well go Greenwich But the Big Wheel is temporary
8 SE England, UK St Pauls Cathedral, top public place 0.04.23W
1   If you're in London, might as well go Greenwich  
9 Beijing, China Tiananmen Sq, boy stop tank place   2     Place awsome significance human history - human race change direction for intelligence and reason. AllTime in sympathy is true
10 Every-where All hospitals   1     Because so many people leave earth at these points
11 SE USA Key West, Florida 81.55.44W
      On the dock, useful sign "Most Southerly point of USA"
12 New Zealand Kerr point 72.58.55E
      North tip of NZ, unmistakable
13 Rome, Italy Trajans Column         Easy identify, plus significant meeting place for 2000 yrs
14 UK, Cornwall Lizard point 05.10.01W
      Southern end of UK, small site
15 Athens, Greece Between middle columns, front, Acropolis         An early staging-post of all west civilisation. A position & building likely to be protected forever

Suggestions to If co-ordinates included please give source. If you can include photo of site that would be nice, eventually they will be incorporated on this page