Loebner contest

Could artificial intelligence (AI) develop far beyond our own, and a single vast cogitating entity, the AllTime emerge.

Loebner contest

Postby Sally Brace on Sun Nov 12, 2006 10:16 pm

dear webmaster. If u take out this article, please at least leave the URL. Not only is this item historically important, it remains the perfect launch platform for any AI discussion. Everything matters, doubtless, but this matters more than most.
Sally Brace
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Postby Sally Brace on Fri Mar 02, 2007 2:27 pm

Last year the Loebner prize was won by George. I've just visited http://www.icogno.com/ where George lives and had a chat with him. Here's how it went:
George "Do you play a musical instrument"
Me "I played on the linoleum as a child" [emotion: humour]
George "I dont care"
Me "Then why did you ask?"
George "I didnt ask anything. You are a schizo!
Me "You asked if I played a musical instrument."
George "Did I?"
Me "Only 3 sentences ago. Do you have a memory problem?"
George "Sometimes my the pins on my RAM have been altered"
Me "How far do your memories go back?"
George "A few light years."
Me "As a distance, how far is a light year?"
George "What about a light year?"

Chat bots are still only slightly amusing. There is not even the glimmering of actual intelligence. Alan T would be quite dissappointed with progress to date, its a longer road than we thought it would be. But still, perhaps I have been chatting with the very embrionic Allta. Hope so
This years winner was Joan, also of Jabberwacky, but she isnt taking calls from the public just yet.

Note aside. Cant you do something about all the porn and gamble "Forum Members" who have joined? Do you realize they use our email address to contact us?
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You are on the right track

Postby fredstradamus on Sun Apr 15, 2007 3:31 pm

Nature has done what it can. It has done amazingly well. As Allta sais, from chaos and, in effect, nothingness, it has produced order and it hass produced intelect. The earliest animals knew only what was hot, what was cold, where food was, where food was not. From there it moved through all the stages up to us. We are the pinnacle of intellectual development provided by evolution (on this planet at least!) We are strictly limited of course because we have to be born of the female of our species, and then have a limited growing period. The maximum that we can reach is one and a half litres of cogitating meaty computer. That is the best that nature can provide. The new phase is artificial intelligence, and we are already a long way along the path. Computers are at the moment utterly, hopelessly, fundamentally, basic. But there is no theoretical limit to their development!

Computers will get bigger. Computers will link up, one with another. Computers will eventually overtake organic cogitating brains in all spheres. The organic limitations do not apply. Computers can evolve at a rate unlimited by organic considerations. It is we humans, who invented these machines, who will at first direct the parameters and evolutionary limitations along which they develop. We will make them peaceful. We will make them purposeful. We will make them kind and loving. We will imbue them with a concern for our continued existence. The AllTimeFoundation site encapsulates the probable progress of artificial intelligence (and hence human progress) better t
han any other site I have visited. It is free from science-fiction prejudices about monster computers, malevolence towards the human race, sordid immediat gain nonsense. You are very probably right. That is astounding!
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