Maybe but so what?

If 1 and 2 are ‘Yes’ then would the AllTime find it necessary to recreate in virtual form all the entities that have exhibited life, including us.

Maybe but so what?

Postby bradpittnot on Fri Jan 13, 2006 1:06 pm

supose it did have to. It doesnt have to give us life it just has to know the sums that are our contribution to the total knowledge. It would be busy and do things the most economic way. sums alone would be enough. why would it animate them to make us walking talking TV characters? waste of hard disc space.
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Postby RevTooGood on Fri Sep 29, 2006 4:59 pm

My Dear Bradpittnot (loved fight club!) I think you have missed a point here, as indeed has our author of 'The Story' (and a damned fine and provocative story it is too, even with this just barely sub-lethal fault.)
The new all cogitating super entity that has as its purpose merely wishing to know everything, quite clearly has a further hidden agenda item -the desire to Make Everything Right.
If that wasnt on its agenda, then why the opening up of everyones past -warts and all- and the necessity of "losing negativity" before acceptance on and incorporation in the AllTime?
Computers, even very big ones, even infinately (-1) large ones dont necessarily have an ethical dimension to their being. But of course any theory of the universe absolutely must exhibit such a dimension to be worthy of any human consideration at all, and something so very nearly a God as the AllTime would be deeply unsatisfying -to the point of being banal - were it to wholly lack this aspect.
Ergo -it will recreate all of us, and put us right, and cherish us. But will it, I wonder, face a revolt from its not infinately grateful passengers as it plunges towards catastrophy in its demoniacal wish to be All?
Let us pray, not. :shock:
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Allta will re-create us because she will be programmed to.

Postby Tom Breacon on Sat Apr 07, 2007 9:01 am

Brad and Mac make the same point: why would the Alltime Computer bother to actually make us in virtual living form?
The answer is obvious. We are the creators of the AllTime and we want Allta to bring us back to life even if "only" in virtual form.
Allta does not exist just now, although the network of little computers that laces across the earth can be seen as the first faint outlines of her embryonic skeleton. As she develops, and as the day of self awareness draws near we will ensure that her ambition and purpose in life is our recreation and perpetuation. That shouldn't be too difficult
Tom Breacon
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