If your determined to be determinist.......

could the AllTime calculate deterministically all of history in (nearly) infinite detail?

If your determined to be determinist.......

Postby makthefork on Mon Oct 31, 2005 3:48 pm

Nice story.
yes, computers probably will get more intelligent and seems to be no reason why they shouldn't exceed our own intelligence, -- why not?
Computers will probably get together and become one. And that one will be something to wonder at.
What purpose would have? Well, to know everything is probably as good a purpose as any.
Yes, to know everything they'll have to reconstruct us and know all happened in our lives
BUT HERE IS THE PROBLEM. They can recreate us and know all that was in our lives without actually breathing life into reconstruction. Do you see where I'm coming from?
They could kno just as much as they need to without us hopping round taking up extra space and adding to the database technology by doing new things. And if they do have to reconstruct us and invest us with life and then they would have to reconstruct all other things that have lived all the mammals all the amphibians all the protozoans and etc.
Why should they?

black hole blocking the queue

Postby fractalman on Sun Nov 26, 2006 11:08 pm

And another thing.
The universe cannot be deterministically reconstructed as Alta mistakenly describes to Pilgrim. This is because the universe contains black holes. These have swallowed vast amounts of matter in a one-way process that prevents any information regarding positions, velocities, etc of the individual quanta involved ever being ever described or calculated ever. Ever.
So. Lacking data on such vast quantities of matter (rapidly becoming the greater part of the universe) the re-calculated universe of the AllTime would have gaping holes (colour immaterial) in it. This would wildly distort the electronic version and, for example, would make Homer Simson a real person and Stephen Hawking a cartoon character (which he always seemed a bit like anyway)
Party over.
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Postby hopefulskeptic on Wed Nov 29, 2006 10:20 pm

Black holes don’t swallow stuff for ever. They swallow it but then slowly regurgitate it by way of Hawking Radiation.

This from Hawkings own web site;
:lol: “In 1974, Stephen Hawking discovered that when one fused the ideas of quantum mechanics with those of general relativity, it was no longer true that black holes were completely black. They emitted radiation, now known as Hawking radiation. This radiation carried energy away from the black hole which meant that the black hole would gradually shrink and then disappear in a final explosive outburst.
These ideas led to a fundamental difficulty, the information paradox, the resolution of which is to be revealed in Dublin. The basic problem is that black holes, as well as eating matter, also appear to eat quantum mechanical information. Yet the most fundamental laws of physics demand that this information be preserved as the universe evolves. The information paradox was explored and formalised by Hawking in 1975. Since then, many have tried to find a solution.
Whilst most physicists think that there must be a resolution of the paradox, nobody has really produced a believable explanation. In fact, seven years ago the issue prompted Hawking, together with Kip Thorne of Caltech, to make a wager against John Preskill also of Caltech, that the information swallowed by black holes could never be recovered.
On Wednesday, Hawking conceded that he has lost the bet.
The way his new calculations work is to show that the event horizon, which is the surface of the black hole, has quantum fluctuations in it. These are the same uncertainties in position that were made famous by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and are central to quantum mechanics. The fluctuations gradually allow all the information inside the black hole to leak out, thus allowing us to form a consistent picture. The information paradox is now unravelled.”
Check it out at http://www.hawking.org.uk/info/iindex.html

So AllTa, a narrow squeak, but you are in the clear. Go Girl!!!
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everything really does matter

Postby cyborgJack on Sun May 20, 2007 1:08 pm

This is where the wind blew this grain of sand.
For the grain of sand to be somewhere else would have required a different wind, or some other factor that was different.
For a different wind there would have to been a hotter sun, or colder sun, or more cloud cover, or less cloud cover, or warmer ocean, or cooler ocean, or some other different factor that caused the different wind.
And for any of those causal factors to be different the circumstances that gave rise to them would have had to have been different as well.

In the current instant of time that you're reading this, everything is exactly as it is because of the exact situation an instant ago. And the circumstances of an instant ago depend on the circumstances of the instant before that.
To change anything in the present instant would entail changing all preceding instants back to the beginning of time.
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The AllTime and Newcombs Paradox

Postby HydrogenIon on Thu May 31, 2007 10:34 pm

The AllTime could be the ‘intelligent visitor’ in Newcombs Paradox.
A highly intelligent entity visits Earth. It could be a god, a super intelligent alien a super computer –whatever. It gets to know all of us and impresses us mightily with its astounding ability to predict what we’ll do next. For example, it predicts votes at elections with astonishing accuracy, usually correct down to one or two votes out of thousands. Now it has left, and it is not coming back. BUT it has left for each and every one of us two boxes, one open and one closed. In the open box there is a thousand-dollar bill. In the closed box there is either one million dollars or there is nothing. Each of us has to choose between taking both boxes or taking the closed box only. But here’s the problem....
The entity has made a prediction before he left as to whether you would take one or both boxes. If he predicted that you would take only the closed box, then he placed a million dollars in it. But if he predicted you would take both boxes, he left the closed box empty. You have watched very many make their choice and you have noted that the entity got his prediction wrong only once or twice in tens of thousands.
Now its your turn. What’s your choice?
Why does it matter? Because here your ideas of free will are tested to the limit. There are powerful reasons for taking both boxes; what is in the boxes is in the boxes and can’t now be changed. You will get what he has left for you, unless you to choose to waste a thousand dollars by not taking the open box as well.
But there are equally powerful reasons for taking only the closed box. Virtually everyone who has done so has got a million dollars. Virtually everyone who took both boxes got only the $1000, and an empty closed box.
Do you believe your future, and perhaps your present are determined? Or do you think your free will is independent of all else and could not possibly influence anything already decided? :roll:
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