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could 'virtual' reality have all the qualities necessary to make it indistinguishable from our familiar understanding of reality?

Get real

Postby rainman on Tue Nov 08, 2005 4:26 pm

"5. “Real” and “virtual” existence
could 'virtual' reality have all the qualities necessary to make it indistinguishable from our familiar understanding of reality?"

No matter how “indistinguishable” it got it would be a copy. A good copy, an extemely fine copy, but always and forever a copy. Pilgrim will never meet his mother again. She is dead and he is dead. No matter how his electronic copy embraces her electronic copy, and no matter how many electronic tears they shed between them it is at best a new entity, based on him, that has met (for the first time) a new entity based on her. It’s a computer game however great the graphics.
Loved the book.
Pity about the reality. Anyone care to argue it?

Postby TeeShirt on Fri Nov 11, 2005 12:27 am

Yyeeaaarrrrhh but lets face it, God got the very same problem nespa? You dead, and god ses this thing, this SPIRIT is really you. Has same memories same thinking, all yo friends recognise yo. Hi Barney! Yo must have died cos hear yo are with us and we all died and now yo gonna be judged but after that yo come and play with us all sweet and its very nice here and no segregation xcept by religion. But yo say How yo know its me? How I know its me? Same memories same thinking yea maybe but different completely totaly different. I got no body, I got no debts, I got no body chasing me fo alimony and child support. I couldn’t be more difrent to that guy Barney. How I know its not a trick of the evil imps?
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Postby Ian Fitzherbert on Tue Dec 26, 2006 6:33 pm

I give Teeshirt more marks than Rainman
Theres a scene in only fools and horses (uk TV comedy) where Trigger says “44 years I’ve been sweeping this park, and this is the same broom I started with. Of course, its had 31 new heads. And 16 new handles.” The joke is a variation of Odysseus’ ship, which went with him through all the adventures of the Odyssey, but with x new masts, y re-riggings, z new decks and so on.
Each night when we go to sleep a slightly different "copy" of us wakes in the morning. A hundred million cells of our bodies have died and rather fewer are born to replace them. We shrink as we age. Our thoughts have changed imperceptibly and some of our memories shifted, faded or decayed beyond recall. But we will all claim to be ourselves through these and even greater changes. Dr Jekyll may not be Mr Hyde, but Phineas Gage was still Phineas Gage even though with utterly different personality. Pilgrim on Allta would pass any test for being the same Pilgrim from No. 9 Railway Cuttings, or wherever. “Sufficient continuity” is the key and with all his memories, his attitudes and his appearance intact, Pilgrim would pass with flying colours. WE would certainly agree it was him as we would equally wish to claim our own identities and in any case would only know that there was an identity problem after Allta persuaded us that we were on the Great Computer. Of course Allta could create an individual on the AllTime that felt complete continuity with its own self from mortal times but which in fact differed slightly from that real individual, or differed a lot, or had no real counterpart at all. But IF she does as she says she will, and has sufficient computer power to do so THEN I, for one, would then have to say “yes, I really am Ian Fitzherbert, and I said back on Boxing Day, 2006, that I would have to acknowledge myself now.” See you all there.
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