AllTime so near a religion, it has same faults

what would be the moral and ethical consequences of such 'virtual' existence?

AllTime so near a religion, it has same faults

Postby millydilly1 on Sat Nov 05, 2005 12:39 pm

On the matter of religion you claim to be neutral and that's obviously position you would like. But isn't as easy as that. I'm an atheist and I try to live just by reason. Truly deeply religious people live, literally, in a different world to me and my problem with religious people is that they abandon reason and instead made a leap of faith and place all their reliance on a set of diktats from the religious leaders and books (older th better). Consider this example. A truly deeply religious person who is a terrorist can blow up a plane load of people and not really done any damage at all. All the victims of the disaster are not really dead at all they are all alive and well and in a better place than they were on earth. They are with their God. The only damage done is a temporary separation from their loved ones, who naturally grieve and miss their friends but know, or should know, that they will soon be reunited in heaven.
That is the problem with the all-time In your scenario the same now applies to an atheist terrorist. If I decide that it is in the best interests of whatever my cause is to blow up an aeroplane, I do not really kill anyone. If I have a belief in the all-time then I know all these people will meet again with me on the AllTime. I can describe to them what I was trying to do and seek and get their forgiveness. So long as I give cogent reasons for believing that my action was going to improve the world then they should forgive me, given that the crime was a tiny one of a temporary separation from their loved ones and not their actual death. That is a problem with all-time scenario that it paints. If one were to embrace it it skews the whole ethical viewpoint in a very unhealthy way. Your efforts to be neutral I'm afraid bear bitter fruit.

milly-dill u neednt worry

Postby Dan travers on Fri Nov 18, 2005 4:24 pm

there cant be any debate on ethics hear because logic inconsistencies
viz: AllTime based entirely on determinism THEREFORE all of us have no free will and just do wot is inevitable THEREFORE all people religious or not, good bad ugly, all on conveyor belt to inevitable end.
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Postby Dan travers on Sun Jun 25, 2006 12:52 pm

Shame, but MillyDilly cant be faulted
almost every sane person wants peace and is willing to find some way by which peace can be found. But there is a sizeable group who are an exceptions to this rule. There are some who know what God wants and strongly feel the duty to bring that about on earth. they are willing to pursue it by peaceful means but, where these fail, they are also equally ready to fight. They are not open to reason on this belief because the belief itself is not founded on reason. Strong believers in religion have their beliefs rooted in faith and its authority is revelation. They do not need reason and they do not need evidence. The things that they fight for are beyond reason and evidence and indeed it is an insult to God to ask for these things. Once you know what God wants then is clearly your duty to work as hard as possible to bring that about on earth. What Milly says about the relative triviality of causing a death, given that the dead person is immediately alive again and standing before God) is quite true.
Back to the drawing board eh!? :wink:
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travers and Milly, a fine mess!

Postby OliverHardy on Fri Aug 04, 2006 5:04 pm

Travers & Milly completely miss the point.
Back to the drawing board? Why?
Because there is an ethical dilemma attached to considering the AllTime scenario? If the AllTime does lie in the future then the problem of people considering murder to therefore be a less serious crime is a real problem that has to be solved. It has nothing to do with whether or not we think the AllTime is a possibility. We don’t stop believing in volcanoes on account of we could be inconvenienced by lava.
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